Benefits of Hiring a Designer

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What exactly are the benefits of hiring a designer? To get to the point, a good designer will save you time and money. Their knowledge and experience will help you navigate the overwhelming world of paint colours, furniture and accessories, as well as managing communications and expectations with contractors and trades when renovating your home.

A designer has paid dearly for their education and have spent years gaining valuable kitchen-color-rendering knowledge and experience in the field. Their training allows them to provide timely solutions or alternatives to any problems or concerns that arise, making your project a success. Most times they act as a Councillor or arbitrator when clients find themselves at odds with their partners or others involved in the project where tastes and opinions differ. Designers consider things that may not even cross your mind, and pose questions that will make you think about what it is you want and why. The goal is to provide a client with the best design for their budget, timeline, architecture and taste. It’s a very difficult job, but a good designer will make it look effortless.

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Some benefits of hiring a designer that many don’t consider are the vast quantities of suppliers they have access to when it comes to products, textiles, accessories, fixtures and furniture. Designers have a rolodex of contacts for almost any kind of project conceivable, where you are likely to have to research who to call and then do some more research to confirm they are as good as they say they are. A good designer has spent years building relationships with contractors, cabinet makers, wallpaper installers, seamstresses, stone fabricators, furniture suppliers, electricians, tilers, plumbers, painters, engineers, roofers, architects, landscapers, artists, textile mills, shippers, transport companies, customs, couriers, door and window suppliers, and the list goes on and on. These contacts are trusted to provide exactly what it is the designer is asking for – whether it be quality, savings or a quick turnaround. Having done business with these contacts over a number of years can sometimes provide a designer with preferred pricing or front-of-the-line service, which can in turn be passed on to their clients.

Points to consider once the decision has been made to hire a designer are as follows:

  • First, you must have a budget in mind otherwise it appears as though you are not ready to actually move forward with any work.
  • Second, you must know who the decision makers will be and those people must be present for every meeting.
  • Third, you must decide who will be the shopper – you or the designer. This is important because some clients enjoy shopping and finding deals, while other prefer to let the designer source and acquire everything necessary.
  • Another way to prepare for the initial meeting is to make a file of images representing any likes and dislikes for your project. If you don’t know what it is you do want when it comes to your project, it is still helpful to know what you don’t want, so include both in the file.

Finally, when hiring a designer, make sure you feel comfortable working with them and interior design checklist their design or work process is clear and understood. Ask as many questions as you can think of and interview several designers to be sure you get the right fit for your personality. Once you have found your perfect designer, they will put together a design concept for your project that will meet or exceed your expectations and help guide you through the process while making it enjoyable. In the end, forming a solid relationship with a good designer will provide you with a superstar contact for any work you may be considering for your home, office, cottage, or condo.

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