New Kitchen Essentials – What’s on Tap

Author: Kaleidoscope Designs Inc. |

Some of the newest faucets on the market have taken functionality and convenience to a whole new level. Not only are there more kitchen faucets than ever before but below these unassuming spouts are innovative systems that will turn plain water into sparkling water or a perfectly brewed cafe au lait.

The Artifact Deck Mount Pot Filler is an elegant countertop version instead of the traditional wall mount.

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Artifact Deck Mount Pot Filler

Twist the left handle from regular tap to chilled and filtered, or to lightly or fully sparkling water.

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Grohe Blue Chilled and Sparkling

Perrin & Rowe Traditional Filtered Hot Water Faucet allows you to instantly enjoy your favourite hot beverage like tea or hot chocolate. Yum!

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Perrin & Rowe Faucet in Chrome

This faucet creates lattes or espressos right in your own kitchen. It can be controlled by it’s own app from your phone or iPad. Set a timer or use your app to order your coffee from bed!

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TopBrewer Faucet

What’s next? A faucet that dispenses water in cups and quarts. No more measuring cups…